Serbian Library Association

Serbian Library Association (SLA) is the oldest and the largest library association in Serbia, with over 1000 members. The Association is a professional and public organization of librarians, providing library and information services.
The Association continues the activities and tradition of previous association: Society of Library Workers of Serbia, founded on December 14th, 1947 in Belgrade.

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Association’s goal and objective is to gather and connect library staff, in order to realize and protect their professional, social and financial interests. The goal and objective of the Association are realized through its 25 representative offices.

The bodies of the Association are: the Assembly (110 members), Executive Board (15 members), the President, the Vice president, the Secretary and the Supervising Board (3 members).

Professional activities within the Association are performed through the commissions and sections.

The Association was a member of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) from 1952 – 1992, and again since 2007.

Since 1948, the Association has been publishing the journal for theory and practice of librarianship “The Librarian”.

Society awards the annual prize Stojan Novakovic (since 1997) for published work that contributes to the development and improvement of library and information services; ‘Best Librarian Award”and award “Record” since 2006.

The Association marks December 14th as National Librarians Day.

Current SLA’s President is Dr Bogdan Trifunović, director at the Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis”, Čačak. Association’s Secretary is Mrs Bojana Vukotić, senior librarian at the National Library of Serbia, Belgrade. SLA’s office is at the National Library of Serbia, Skerlićeva 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia.