XX Conference
Serbian Library Association
Kraljevo and Vrnjačka Banja
14 - 16. 12. 2023.

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By organizing the 20th annual international conference Library Spaces in the Physical and Virtual Environments, the Serbian Library Association (SLA) approaches innovatively an important topic for library and information activities − the topic of space. The understanding of space includes the physical space of buildings, rooms, and public areas in which libraries participate as cultural institutions and places for public education, but also the digital space of the internet, social networks, and virtual and augmented reality.

The objective of the Conference is to support the library and information professionals and other experts in the field of culture who are directly involved in issues of space, whether in its physical or virtual form. The Conference is open to sharing practical information and experiences, examples of good practice, and successful projects realized with quality results and adequate responses to changes in the environment, changed user needs, or constraints caused by factors beyond the influence of cultural institutions and their employees.

Call for paper

Invited Speakers


Deadline for submission of papers: 10 September 2023 Papers submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Notification of acceptance: 31 October 2023

Registration for the Conference: 1−30 November 2023

Conference days: 14–16 December 2023

Proceedings: 2024