19th Serbian Library Association Conference

Associations, Connections, and Networks of Librarians

Belgrade, 14–16 December 2022





National Library of Serbia, Amphitheater and Atrium

10.00 – Registration

12.00-13.30 – Serbian Library Association Ceremonial Assembly on the occasion of Serbian Librarian Day, December 14, and the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the Association

  • Addresses by the representatives of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, the National Library of Serbia, and the Serbian Library Association
  • Serbian Library Association Award Ceremony
    • Zapis Award
    • Stojan Novaković Award
    • Best Librarian Award
  • Music performance: Jelena Tutić (harp), Pearl Chertok – Around the Clock Suite

13.30-14.00 – Speech by Barbara Lison, IFLA President

14.00-15.00 – Celebrating the anniversary – presentations of new Serbian Library Association editions

  • Serbian Library Association Monograph 1947–2022
  • Promotional film of the Serbian Library Association
  • Scientific journal Bibliotekar (Librarian), no. 2/2022
  • Proceedings Beyond 2020: New Opportunities and Perspectives
  • Exhibition of Serbian Library Association monographs and serials

15.00 – Lunch


University Library ”Svetozar Marković”, Andrew Carnegie Reading Room

18.00-20.00 – Reception at the place of the SLA foundation on December 14, 1947

  • Address of the University Library ”Svetozar Marković” Director
  • Ceremonial speech by Miroslav Aleksić, a poet and librarian from Novi Sad
  • Awarding of the Serbian Library Association honors and certificates of appreciation on the occasion of Serbian Librarian Day and the 75th anniversary of the Association
  • Promotion of the book crowned by Stojan Novaković Award in 2022
  • Opening of the exhibition Serbian Library Association 1947–2022

20.00 – Music performance with dinner and cocktail party



National Library of Serbia, Amphitheater and Atrium

9.00 – Registration

10.00-10.45 – Invited lecture

  • Sam Chu (Hong Kong), Networked Libraries / Librarians in a Networked World

10.45 – 12.00 – Working Session I – Cooperation between Libraries and Other Institutions (moderators Ana Janković and Tatjana Brzulović Stanisavljević)

  • Nataša Špadijer (The Public Library and Reading Room ”Njegoš”, Cetinje, Montenegro): Cooperation among Librarians at the Local and International Levels to Preserve Cultural Heritage
  • Mirko Drmanac (Čačak Public Library): Music as a Manifesto: Cooperation between the Public Library and the Music School in Čačak on the Production Project of the Song The Greatest World
  • Slađana Bratić (Central Library of East Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina): Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Users in the Central Library of East Sarajevo
  • Katarina D. Jablanović (Public Library ”Stefan Prvovenčani”, Kraljevo): Forms of Cooperation in a Public Library – Example of the Project Žiča Council of Librarians
  • Ivana М. Kuljanin (Central Library of East Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina): Let`s Connect! (Cooperation among Libraries, Institutions, Associations, and Cultural Societies)

12.15-12.20 – Sponsor presentations

  • Trevis, Belgrade
  • IZUM, Maribor, Slovenia

12.20-13.00 – Opening of the Poster Session with quick presentations by the authors (moderators Bojana Grujić and Slaven Popara)

  • Miško Stanišić (Terraforming, Novi Sad): Development of a Library Platform in the Republic of Serbia to Contribute to the Culture of Remembrance of the Victims of Fascist Terror in the Second World War
  • Jelena Pavlović (Archives of Yugoslavia), Marijana Vasić (Academy of Applied Technical Studies, Belgrade): Get Networked! Digital Tools – Social Media, Websites, Blogs, Forums, Wikis, and Podcasts
  • Marija Radulović (Čačak Public Library): Connecting Librarians in the Development of the Bookmarker Application: The Experience of Cooperation in an E-environment
  • Silvija Perić (City Library and Reading Room, Virovitica, Croatia), Ljiljana Vugrinec (Library and Reading Room ”Fran Galović”, Koprivnica, Croatia): Libraries and Bookmobiles in Catalonia (Spain): Impressions from a Study Visit within the Erasmus+ Project Traveling Libraries without Borders
  • Ivana Ranković (School “Dositej Obradović” Kruševac), Ana Duković, Mirjana Radovanović Pejović (Primary School ”Dušan Jerković”, Užice): Let’s Read Aloud – An Action That Connected and United School Librarians
  • Bojana Petraš (National Museum, Zrenjanin), Jelena Pušica (Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade): Section of Museum Librarians and Library Technicians of the Museum Association of Serbia

13.00-14.00 – Lunch and interaction with the authors of the posters

14.00-15.30 – Panel Session – Cross-Sector Networking and Connection “with Others” as a Source of Professional Development (moderator Bogdan Trifunović)

  • Milena Dragićević Šešić (Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade)
  • Dimitrije Tadić (Creative Europe Desk, Belgrade)
  • Jelena Glišović (National Library of Serbia, Belgrade)
  • Predrag Živković (Art Gallery ”Nadežda Petrović”, Čačak)

15.30-16.45 – Working Session II – Librarians in an Electronic and Analog Environment (moderators Ivana Janošević and Sonja Ivanović)

  • Dragana D. Jovanović (Matica Srpska Library, Novi Sad): AGORABIB – French Librarians in the Digital Ancient Agora
  • Jelena Đorđević (Institute for Cultural Development Research, Belgrade): Examples of Using E-environment Resources and Social Media to Network Special Libraries
  • Jelena Đurđulov (University Library ”Svetozar Marković”, Belgrade), Andrija Sagić, (”Milutin Bojić” Library, Belgrade), Jelena Glišović (National Library of Serbia, Belgrade): Digital Transformation in Culture and Education (DTCE) as a Connection and Collaboration Point
  • Kristina Milojević (Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade), Katarina Meglić (Institute of Nuclear Sciences ”Vinča”, Belgrade): From Volunteer to Librarian: Opportunities and Challenges of Library Practice
  • Gordana M. Vučković, Marija D. Rakić Šaranac (Public Library ”Vuk Karadžić”, Kragujevac): Status and Position of Employees in Serbian Public Libraries

17.00-19.00 – Sightseeing tour of the cultural and historical places in the center of Belgrade (departure from the Saint Sava Temple)

20.00 – Dinner (restaurant)



National Library of Serbia, Amphitheater and Atrium

9.00 – Registration

10.00-11.20 – Sponsor presentations

  • CRESCAT, Zagreb, Croatia
  • EBSCO, Southeast Europe

10.20-11.30 – Special session on access to knowledge and information in the context of libraries and copyright

  • Stephen Wyber (IFLA): Knowledge Rights 21
  • Dragana Milunović, Slađana Stojaković (National Library of Serbia), Dragana Stolić (University Library Belgrade): Draft Law on Copyright and Related Rights: New/Old Position of Libraries
  • Marko Herzog (Beletrina, Slovenia): Digital Rights Management (DRM) today?
  • Bogdan Trifunović (SLA): Introducing Payment for Public Library Loans

11.30-13.00 – Panel Session – COBISS in Serbian School Libraries (moderator Bojana Vukotić, session supported by IZUM, Maribor)

  • Romana Muhvič Šumandl (IZUM, Maribor)
  • Dubravka Ilić (Čačak Public Library)
  • Angelina Grujić (National Library of Serbia, Belgrade)
  • Mirjana Radovanović Pejović (Serbian Association of School Librarians)

11.30-13.00 – Project Speed ​​Dating Workshop (led by Mirjana Nešić)

13.00-13.30 – Closing of the Conference, the best poster announcement, a surprise gift from sponsors

13.30-14.30 – Poster Session, closing

14.00-15.00 – Lunch